CD Production Services

Joy of Life Productions can produce YOUR Christian Music CD! We can work with you at any level from consultation through recording and production, and we'll provide a promotional website for you. All services are charged on a reasonable fee basis according to the time we put in on your project..

As consultants, we help you organize and plan your project, and give you referrals to independent services for the various aspects of your project, including recording, mastering, photography, artwork, disc production, packaging, promotion, and distribution.

As producers, we not only help with organization and planning, but we contract out the independent services from our preferred providers through the disc production and packaging stage. At any stage of the process, we are happy to work with your own selected providers. We do not do CD promotion or distribution, but can refer you to qualified professionals. Our fees cover the time involved in services we provide, but you are responsible for all contracted costs.

We can provide a promotional website for you as well. See Web Services for a description of the services we provide..

Contact Production Services for more info. CD production services are only available in the San Francisco Bay Area.